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Daniel Murphy has a mystery leg injury that's concerning Dusty Baker, Stephen Strasburg threw a baseball, and we talk post-season pitching. We also answer several dozen great listener questions.
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The Nats took care of business against the Mets this week, Stephen Strasburg isn't dead, and Tanner Roark is so, so good. All that, plus many amazing listener questions.
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The Nationals 2016 season has been great, and we spend a bunch of time talking about that. (And temporarily losing it as Stephen Strasburg left the game.) We also look ahead to postseason baseball. [NL East clinch predictions: Joe - September 17; Craig - September 19]
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Marc Rzepczynski has a great nickname, and now he's in the Nats bullpen. September call-ups are here, and Craig has some stuff to say about pace-of-play. We also answer a bunch of listener questions!
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The Nationals are having their way with the NL East, Reynaldo Lopez and Trea Turner are the real deal, but Stephen Strasburg has been struggling.
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The Nationals acquired Mark Melancon in one of the most impactful in-season trades in team history. That, plus Michael A. Taylor's demotion, and Trea Turner is the Nats' centerfielder of the future.
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We start the show with trade deadline talk and how the Nationals might be able to make an impact before the deadline. Then we discuss Aroldis Chapman heading to the North Side of Chicago, Murphy and Ramos, and Trea Turner's significant early impact. We hear about your first ever baseball jerseys and answer you questions, too.
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This week, we talk about how great the Home Run Derby was and how 'meh' the All-Star Game was (and always is.) We also revisit our first-half predictions and see what we got right and what we got oh so wrong. Finally, you tell us how you occupy yourself during the break and answer some listener questions!
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The Nationals have landed four players in the All-Star Game. Lucas Giolito is still with the team, while Michael A. Taylor was sent down. And we both got pretty heated about the thought of shaming Nats fans.
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Lucas Giolito has made his MLB debut for the Nationals, but it didn't go quite as planned. Trea Turner has been taking reps in CF, and Wilson Ramos has been insanely good. All that, plus Stephen Srasburg's injury and what to do with Gio Gonzalez.
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