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In episode 100, we recorded a live show blocks away from Nationals Park with some fans of the show. We talk about Trea Turner's call up, Ian Desmond's awesome second half, our favorite baseball movies, and other stuff, too.

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After the Nats sixth straight loss, Craig and I tear into Matt Williams for his ineptitude and discuss a few other frustrating parts of the season in this abbreviated episode.

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The trade deadline approaches quickly, and a former Nats great in Tyler Clippard has moved to a division rival. We discuss what the Nats could do at the deadline, what the Clippard move means for the Nats, and we answer a number of listener questions.

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We discuss the week in Nationals’ news, including Max Scherzer‘s continued awesomeness, Stephen Strasburg‘s post-disabled list success, and a whole lot of listener questions from the fine people on Twitter.

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What a week it’s been in NatsTown. Max Scherzer threw a no-hitter and won NL Player of the Week, Bryce Harper came back after leaving a game with an injury and hit two home runs in two days, and the Washington Nationals are back in first place in the NL East.

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We have Ryan Sullivan of on to discuss the 2015 MLB Amateur Player Draft. We cover the top draft talent and who the Nationals might take with their picks. Finally, Joe, Craig, and Ryan rank their top 5 Nats draft from their first 10 seasons.

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It’s the “we’re not freaked out, but this is concerning” episode as the Nationals’ season rolls downhill toward May. We discuss the Max Scherzer and Anthony Rendon injuries, the DH, the scary situation in Baltimore as it relates to baseball, and our general frustrations with the first three weeks of Nats baseball.

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The season is a week old, and things have not gone as planned for the Washington Nationals. Craig and I answer a bunch of Twitter-submitted questions and talk people off off the ledge with some gentle reminders and encouraging words. Also, we ask the important question: Why was Will sent a literal back of dicks?

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The offseason is almost over, and the Nats decided to make some final, unexpected moves. We talk about the bevy of injuries, the latest roster moves, and make lineup predictions while we start the final countdown toward Opening Day.

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We get a chance to talk about the phenomenalness of the Super Bowl Halftime Show, then we dig into the Casey Janssen trade and the Nats bullpen. We fight out who should win The Nats Blog's writing competition to pick the best starting pitcher, and Craig talks about the exciting state of Nationals' prospects.

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