Nats Talk on the Go: An Unofficial Washington Nationals Podcast

We get a chance to talk about the phenomenalness of the Super Bowl Halftime Show, then we dig into the Casey Janssen trade and the Nats bullpen. We fight out who should win The Nats Blog's writing competition to pick the best starting pitcher, and Craig talks about the exciting state of Nationals' prospects.

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With the Max Scherzer signing and the Yunel Escobar trade, the Nats are finally active in the offseason, so we decided it was just about time to do some chatting.

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Joe and Frank of Nationals 101 ( and @Nationals101) got together to do a long-planned offseason podcast. We start with the the Nats disppointing playoff run, move to the relatively quiet offseason, and discuss the finer points of Christmas trees while we are at it. Zimmerman at first, Desmond contract, a bold prediction by Joe for 2B this year, and much, MUCH, more. (Note: We had some audio difficulty about half way through that Frank resolved. You'll hear a tone at the cut.)

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It's been six weeks, so we figured it was time. We're going to give our 2014 superlatives for the NL and AL, talk post-season match ups, and then talk about other random stuff.

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We talk about the Asdrubal Cabrera and Matt Thornton signings, Tanner Roark, Bryce Harper's walkoff, and the MASN case between the Orioles and Nationals

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Somehow, it's already the All-Star break. We'll discuss the first half, cover the dearth of Washington Nationals representation at the All-Star Game, and preview the second half.

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Is the curse finally over?! Today, we’ll talk about this past weekend’s series against the Atlanta Braves. Then, as Bryce Harper makes his first rehab start with High-A Potomac, we’ll talk about what the Washington Nationals will do when he’s ready to return to their lineup. Finally, we’ll ask if Doug Fister is the most important starting pitcher in the Nats rotation so far. And, of course, our usual musings and banter.

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t’s been a good week for the Washington Nationals. In today’s podcast, we discuss:

  • This week’s stellar pitching
  • A good week for offense
  • The MLB draft

… and a few other topics. 

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We took an extended hiatus from our Washington Nationals podcast, but we’re back at it this evening to talk about the Nats’ May. We’ve got Stephen StrasburgRyan Zimmerman, and our first trimester report cards on the docket. Thanks for listening.

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We talk about all of the injury news, including Bryce Harper's surgery and extended DL stint, the value of Danny Espinosa, and why the Nats are going to be just fine.

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