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We had two Stephen Strasburg vs. Matt Harvey matchups since our last recording, and both of them turned out pretty well for the Nationals' starter. We talk about that at length, as well as some talk of the large Mets crowd at Nats Park this week. We also have a long list of listener questions, so many, in fact, that we couldn't even get to all of them!
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We had a super-sized episode of the podcast this week. We talked about Max Scherzer's 20 strikeout performance and our top five favorite Nats moments. (Spoiler alert: the 20 K performance is on both of our lists.) We also talk about the healing power of Trea Turner, Bryce Harper's adjustments, and the parity among the top four NL East teams so far. All that plus, of course, listener questions!
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Stephen Strasburg signed a seven-year extension, and we, quite simply, couldn't stop talking about it. We talk about the details and implications of the signing, and what happened with Bryce Harper with his weird ejection on Monday. All that and more, plus listener questions.
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The Nats are in the midst of their most trying road trip of the season, and it's gone much better than most expected. We talk about all that's gone well there, plus we talk about Jonathan Papelbon having trouble missing bats in his age 35 season and Ben Revere's impending return. All that, plus listener questions!
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This week, we spoke with Jake Russell, who wrote "100 Things Nationals Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die". We talked about our favorite and his favorite parts of the book and the 2016 season. We also spoke at length about instant replay and, of course, took listener questions!
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Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg have been the Nats stars so far through the beginning of a strong start. We talk about just how good, plus the construction of the lineup and a boatload of listener questions!

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The Nationals season is underway, and the team has their first injury. Michael A. Taylor takes over in the outfield, the starting rotation is constructed... kinda, and man yells indiscriminately about sliding into second base. Also, we issue many thank-yous to all of our amazing Special OPS members!

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This was a huge week for the podcast. We launched our supporters club, NTOTG Special OPS, and a merchandise store. Plus, spring training is almost over, so we had baseball to discuss. We talked Michael A. Taylor's success, Brendan Ryan's chances, and made our bold 2016 predictions. Join us for this huge episode of the show!

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Nationals Park will be getting a new name, Michael A. Taylor can't stop hitting, and MASN is still... being MASN. Lots of topics to discuss, and lots of listener questions to debate, including the best Easter candy.

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Ian Desmond has a job, Ryan Zimmerman is (still) hurt, and the Nats will have a very different looking bullpen in 2016. We'll also talk about our visit to the Nationals Youth Baseball Academy last week. And, of course, listener questions.

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