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This week, we talk about how great the Home Run Derby was and how 'meh' the All-Star Game was (and always is.) We also revisit our first-half predictions and see what we got right and what we got oh so wrong. Finally, you tell us how you occupy yourself during the break and answer some listener questions!
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The Nationals have landed four players in the All-Star Game. Lucas Giolito is still with the team, while Michael A. Taylor was sent down. And we both got pretty heated about the thought of shaming Nats fans.
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Lucas Giolito has made his MLB debut for the Nationals, but it didn't go quite as planned. Trea Turner has been taking reps in CF, and Wilson Ramos has been insanely good. All that, plus Stephen Srasburg's injury and what to do with Gio Gonzalez.
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Stephen Strasburg was scratched at the last minute when was scheduled to go up against Clayton Kershaw. We talk about that sadness, the Nats fledgling bullpen, and the numerous Mets injuries. Also, the post-10 pm game time madness has to stop.
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It was a fun week for the Washington Nationals, who won a series with the MLB-best Cubs and got to see Jayson Werth put together two amazing post-game interviews. We also talk about a curious ninth inning decision and the great Too Many Nats video.
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We have the brilliant Ryan Sullivan from on the show this week to talk about the 2016 MLB Draft, including who the Nats might take in the first round. We also talk about the Nats minor league depth and he joins us to take some listener questions! We celebrate Strasmas at the top of the show, and we add a blooper to the end of it!
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Bryce Harper got plunked in the knee in the first game of the Phillies series. We talk about what could have happened that didn't, and what the Nats look like going forward without Harper. We also talk about Dusty Baker's great return to baseball and Daniel Murphy's freakishly good hitting. And, of course, listener questions!
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We had two Stephen Strasburg vs. Matt Harvey matchups since our last recording, and both of them turned out pretty well for the Nationals' starter. We talk about that at length, as well as some talk of the large Mets crowd at Nats Park this week. We also have a long list of listener questions, so many, in fact, that we couldn't even get to all of them!
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We had a super-sized episode of the podcast this week. We talked about Max Scherzer's 20 strikeout performance and our top five favorite Nats moments. (Spoiler alert: the 20 K performance is on both of our lists.) We also talk about the healing power of Trea Turner, Bryce Harper's adjustments, and the parity among the top four NL East teams so far. All that plus, of course, listener questions!
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Stephen Strasburg signed a seven-year extension, and we, quite simply, couldn't stop talking about it. We talk about the details and implications of the signing, and what happened with Bryce Harper with his weird ejection on Monday. All that and more, plus listener questions.
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